Starter Bundle A-FLEX-NUCL-P + CP-7811-K9=

What’s Included?

A Cisco CP-7811-K9= combined with the A-FLEX-NUCL-P user license.

Bundles start at 12 phones minimum and can be increased individually from 12.

The cost is $13 Per License (Factoring in a 12-month contract term). This is a 100% Cisco Webex cloud-hosted VoIP backend with Basic Support.

The CP-7811-K9= cost breakdown is $120.00 per phone which gives you Basic Warranty (Tax Not Included),

No Smartnet (service) provided.

There are different colors available, we can also provide other phone options.

*More discount potential (please call)

*Internet Access/Local PSTN Required (offered additionally please inquire)

*More options/features available as an additional service (i.e. contact center, storage, etc.)

*Cost for installation is not included