Find the right solution, with the best partner, at a fair price.

Centrinel is a transparent and secure marketplace for your IT purchasing. We cultivate and curate the vendors within the Centrinel community to provide shoppers a wide selection of qualified options.

The Process

Submit a project request and receive responses directly through Centrinel within 48 hours. Review proposals, chat with providers and finalize your decision—including pricing, design and other details—all within Centrinel’s secure platform.

Upfront & Transparent

View baseline and ceiling prices for
solutions. Discuss pricing and
specifics within the platform when
considering a proposal.


Get access to a reliable list of top
providers in the industry that’s
constantly growing
and updating.

Quicker Purchase

Cut the sales calls, emails and
phone tag. Providers submit
proposals within 48 hours of your
project request to help you kick off
your projects ASAP.

Robust, Curated

Centrinel vets each provider within
our community, which is constantly
growing to make sure we’re always
offering cutting-edge

Free, Unbiased

Centrinel offers free,
provider-agnostic consultation to
help you determine which solution
is right for you.

No Service

Sellers take care of the service
charges, so your Centrinel
experience is free.


We shield your identity from
providers until you authorize us to
release your information. Explore
your options without constant
sales calls and follow-up.

Trusted &

Centrinel membership is a
privilege, not a right. We vet all
providers for authenticity, honesty
& quality. Feedback from previous
customers allows you to further
evaluate opportunities.

It’s free!)